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Cigarette smoke kills male potency

It is known that smoking in all plans has extremely harmful effects on the smoker. Tobacco smoke affects all human organs and systems, and there is no such “elements” in the human body, which would have experienced the harmful effects of cigarettes. Tobacco smoke contains a huge number of substances that inhibit the normal activity of the body and polluting its toxic components. And women and men equally negatively affected by cigarette. And reproductive systems of each of them also suffer equally. That’s just the effect of smoking in that regard the man has also a peculiar feature: Cigarette smoke kills male potency.

The tobacco smoke contains about 5 thousand chemical compounds, 60 from which cause impotence: Hydrocyanic acid, organic acid, carbon monoxide, ammonia, as well as multiple toxic substances detrimental effect on men’s health (poor potency). For some reason don’t tell about them on TV, don’t print on packs of cigarettes.

Scientists-doctors are engaged in development of new preparations, psychologists write books how to leave off smoking in a week, healers used the miracles of folk medicine. However, despite all the efforts, the number of smokers every day become more and more.

Smoking can rightly be considered the most terrible drug. Because heroin and other “hard” drugs deaths in times less. The availability and low cost of cigarettes led to the fact that humanity has received the most insidious and dangerous enemy for themselves. Which is particularly dangerous, adversely affecting potency – killing the healthy future of humanity.

Smokers often suffer from lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, also observed decrease in sexual potency. Smoking and potency have a close relationship. Smoking affects not negatively the cardiovascular system. Change potency smoking is due to narrowing of blood vessels of the pelvis. The last are responsible for intake of blood in a genital and on a potentiality. Smoking also leads to the fact that the walls of the blood vessels of the penis clogged adversely affecting the potency.

Smoking and potency – two incompatible phenomena. Numerous researches showed direct dependence of quality of a man’s potentiality on quantity of the smoked cigarettes. During experiments, it was revealed that smoking of one pack of cigarettes in day for 60% increases “chances” of impotence.

Effect of nicotine on the endocrine glands, especially the adrenal glands. The last are responsible for allocation in hormone blood – adrenaline, causing spasm of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and contributes to more frequent heart rate. Perniciously influencing sexual glands, nicotine promotes development in men of sexual insufficiency – impotence.

Alas, the people have no power over time, and it takes time to youth and beauty of our bodies. However, if the wrinkles on the face and balding men are quite willing to accept, any adverse changes affecting the sexual sphere are perceived very painful. But these changes are, alas, very suschestvennny if not seriously think about their health.